app not loading? Just try the web version!

If you've been experiencing issues with the app not loading properly, there may be a simple solution. The web version of the application could be the key to resolving your concerns. In a recent video transcript, a user demonstrates an alternative method to access the app when faced with loading difficulties.

The user begins by showcasing the app's typical login screen but encounters an error that prevents them from progressing further. Instead of getting frustrated and giving up, the user suggests trying the web version as an alternative solution. They note that while the web version may also experience loading issues initially, retrying a few times can often resolve the problem.

The user speculates that the app servers may be more overloaded than the web servers due to the high volume of users accessing the app. This could explain why the web version, despite its occasional loading hiccups, may provide a quicker and smoother experience. By opting for the web version, users may be able to bypass these unnecessary delays and access the app's functionality more efficiently.

It's worth noting that the beta version of the web app, located at, seems to have fewer users compared to the app itself. This could be another contributing factor to the web version's better performance. With fewer people accessing the beta web app, it is less likely to experience the same level of strain on its servers as the app does.

While it might be frustrating to experience loading issues with the app, it's important to try alternative methods before giving up entirely. The web version provides a viable solution for those encountering difficulties with the app. Although it may require a few attempts to load successfully, it often proves to be a more efficient workaround.

Next time you find yourself unable to load the app, give the web version a try. With a bit of patience and a few reloads, you could potentially overcome the loading errors and enjoy a smoother user experience on the web.

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