app “To try your request again, come back in a short while….” app “To try your request again, come back in a short while….”

Many users of the app have been experiencing a frustrating error message lately. The app simply displays the message, "To try your request again, come back in a short while and reload this page." This issue seems to be more prevalent on weekends, although not every weekend is affected. With the holiday season approaching, it's anticipated that this error may occur more frequently due to the app being in beta and its servers not yet being equipped to handle a high volume of requests.

The inconvenience caused by this error has left many users wondering how long they should expect to wait before being able to access the app. Unfortunately, there isn't a definitive answer to this question. Some users have reported long waiting times, while others have had more success by using the app on weekdays instead of weekends. It's worth noting that simply reloading the page multiple times may not resolve the issue either.

Merely tapping the login button can sometimes lead to redirection without any progress being made. Even waiting for an extended period of time, such as five minutes, may not yield positive results. This predicament has left users frustrated and looking for alternatives or contemplating waiting until the next day or Monday to try again.

The app holds great promise for users seeking an innovative and customizable AI experience. However, the current server limitations have hindered its usability during peak periods. The developers are undoubtedly aware of this issue and are likely working diligently to enhance the app's infrastructure to support a higher volume of requests.

As the app is still in the beta phase, occasional glitches and errors are to be expected. The developers are undoubtedly gathering valuable feedback from users during this testing period, which will aid in refining the app and ultimately deliver a smoother experience for all users.

In the meantime, users are encouraged to exercise patience and explore alternative AI apps that may better meet their needs. While this may be a temporary setback, the future holds great promise for the app and its potential to revolutionize the AI landscape.

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