app “Whoa there! You might need to wait a bit…”

So when you try to log into the app, you might see a message saying, "Whoa there! You might need to wait a bit…" This is a common occurrence when their servers are overloaded with too many requests. Currently, is experiencing a surge in user activity, which is causing delays and login issues for some users.

The problem seems to be especially prominent on the iPhone 14 Pro, particularly when attempting to log in with a Google account. It's worth noting that this issue is not related to creating a new account, but rather to accessing an existing one.

The main reason behind this inconvenience is that the app is still in its beta phase, meaning it is still being tested and refined. The server infrastructure, unfortunately, has yet to be fully scaled to handle the influx of users. As a result, the servers are struggling to keep up with the demand, leading to login difficulties during peak times, such as weekends.

Many viewers of my YouTube channel have reported encountering these issues, particularly on Saturdays and Sundays. It seems that these days attract a significant number of users who want to try out the app. To avoid such problems, I recommend using the app on weekdays, specifically from Monday to Friday. During these days, the server loads are better managed, and you are less likely to experience any login delays or errors.

In conclusion, while the app shows promise and potential, it is still a work in progress. As the developers continue to improve and refine their servers, these login issues should become less common. In the meantime, remember to try using the app during weekdays to ensure a smoother experience.

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