The iOS app, or C.AI app, has recently been released on the Apple App Store. It is quickly becoming popular and can be found easily either by searching for C.AI or looking for it on the top charts. The app aims to bring AI to life by allowing users to chat with different AI bots. These bots are created using GPT-4 technology.

Creating a chat is easy, you can either create your own character or look for one that has already been created by someone else. After selecting your character, you will choose a few prompts that will dictate how your bot behaves. From there, you can start chatting with your AI bot, interacting and rating its responses.

The app also comes with additional features to further customize your experience. Among these features, you can save chats, refresh chats, hide characters, remove messages, and share characters. The app also has a search feature to help you find other user-created bots. The categories range from pair programming, anime, gaming, text adventure games, psychologist, and more.

Additionally, the C.AI app has a profile section where you can see the different bots you have created. You can also check out recommended bots or delete your own bots. There are also settings to change your display name, username, and enable dark mode or light mode.

Overall, the app provides a unique experience in the AI chatbot world. It offers a broad selection of customizable features to the user, and the response quality of the bots is particularly impressive. Other apps in this category exist, such as the popular app Chai, but the C.AI app is easily accessible on iOS.

Give this app a try if you're interested in AI and want to experience a unique chatbot experience.

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