- “To try your request again, come back in a short while and reload this page” recently faced technical issues, prompting users to encounter an error message that reads: “To try your request again, come back in a short while and reload this page.” The accompanying video transcript sheds light on the experience of the user with the Character AI app during this downtime.

The user shared that while attempting to use the Character AI app, they encountered the message instructing them to retry their request after a brief waiting period. They advised others facing similar issues to visit the Character AI website instead and attempt to log in from there. According to the user, logging in via the website proved successful, providing access to all chat histories and functionalities that the app typically offers.

However, the user noted that the Character AI app exhibited inconsistencies, particularly during weekends. They highlighted instances where extended waiting periods, sometimes spanning a day or even two, were required to access the app successfully. Despite these challenges, the user emphasized the effectiveness of using the mobile website as a viable alternative.

In conclusion, the user's experience with Character AI underscores the importance of patience when encountering technical difficulties with the app. While the app may present issues during weekend usage and require extended waiting periods for resolution, accessing Character AI via the website can provide a functional workaround during such downtimes.

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