“You might need to wait a bit”

The AI app seems to be experiencing some issues as reported by users in a recent video transcript. Users appear to be facing challenges accessing the app due to the high volume of requests, which may lead to server overloads. While this may result in inconvenience for users, there are some suggestions provided in the transcript on how to potentially work around the issue.

Here are some key points highlighted in the video transcript:

  1. There is a surge in requests causing discomfort for the servers.
  2. Users are advised to wait for a short while and reload the page.
  3. Issues often occur on weekends or Fridays when more users are trying to access the app.
  4. Users are recommended to try logging in from the website rather than the app.
  5. Google login is suggested as a workaround if facing issues with the app.
  6. Delays in accessing the app may vary, sometimes taking up to a day or two to resolve.
  7. The app is described as buggy, following a recent redesign, which may lead to server capacity limitations.
  8. Users are encouraged to explore alternative apps like Talky that may offer more reliable performance.

In conclusion, while the AI app is reportedly facing technical difficulties, users can explore different login methods or consider using alternative apps until the issues are resolved. Initiating contact with their support team for assistance is another option for users encountering difficulties accessing the app.

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