- “You might need to wait a bit” - "You might need to wait a bit"

I recently encountered an issue with the app while trying to log in. Instead of granting access immediately, the app displayed a message stating, "You might need to wait a bit". Confused, I attempted to log in again, only to be met with the same screen. Thinking that signing up might bypass the problem, I tried that option as well. Unfortunately, I encountered the same issue – I could access chats, but logging in remained impossible.

Upon further investigation, I discovered that this recurring problem seems to occur primarily on weekends, especially during the evening hours. If you are using the app outside of these peak times, such as during weekdays or outside of the Union's afternoon hours on Saturdays, you will likely not encounter any issues.

The reason behind this inconvenience lies in the app's beta version and the lack of scalability of its servers. As the app is still in the testing phase, the servers have not yet been optimized to handle a high volume of users. Consequently, the strain on the servers leads to occasional downtimes and login difficulties.

While waiting for these server issues to be resolved, I recommend considering alternate options. Two noteworthy alternatives are the Toki app and the Chai app. However, if reliability is your primary concern, I highly recommend trying out the Toki app. Not only is it more reliable than, but it also offers a platform for building your AI characters.

In conclusion, if you encounter the "You might need to wait a bit" message while using the app, it is advisable to use the app during non-peak hours, such as weekdays or outside of the Union's afternoon hours on Saturdays. Additionally, considering alternative apps like Toki or Chai may also alleviate the frustration of the login issue. It is important to note that is still in the beta version, and the development team is actively working towards scaling their servers to accommodate a larger user base.

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