Chat AI - Ask Anything - app overview

here's an app called chat AI ask anything uh just to be clear this is not an official open AI chat GPD app this is one of those apps which I just hooked up to their to their API to check GPT API um I understand but some people just prefer apps more than uh than a browser experience on their mobile it just feels smoother so yeah just try it out and then it instantly offers you to upgrade 6.99 per week cancel anytime and then uh yeah you can just start chatting here and in the free version I guess it's just quite Limited you can try out all these different functionalities the same you have with cha GPT ask to write email ask to write a color red oh uh letter so you can just uh what would you like to discuss don't forget yeah you can just see here and then uh you can see limitations um so free up to five answers per day 400 words per month up to 20 words per prompt limited AI memory and then yeah you can just see this and then there is a limited portion up to 2004 per answer up to thousand words so then you have unlimited 69.99 per year it's a recurring payment so not a one-time payment yeah and then uh yeah here you can just go and proceed to chat you can also clear messages uh so whatever so something like that it's pretty cool uh just for you to know like there is not yet official open AI app mobile app for iOS Android so there are a bunch of these apps in the in the app store which are trying to compete you can see like like climbing a top charts there is Genie ABS there is AI chatbot like uh some people on Twitter are discussing like how these apps can even like make it into the app store because you know there are not official apps but just be careful some of them can be not high quality just people you know just hooking up very quickly to their to open a API but some of them are just you know they clearly state that they are not the latest GPT model all of that but the design and user experience is just better than using Google Chrome with this chat GPT website so people also prefer that so try also other apps uh yeah different definitely give a try to this

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