Chat error in app

Users of the app have been facing a chat error that seems to be causing inconvenience and frustration. The error can manifest in various ways, such as messages not sending, chats not loading, or significant delays in loading chats. This issue appears to be common and has persisted for quite some time, with some users reporting ongoing problems.

If you encounter the chat error in the app, here are some troubleshooting steps you can take to address the issue:

  1. Messages Not SendingIf you find that your messages are not sending in the chat, try the following steps:
  • Swipe up on the chat window.
  • Retry sending the message.
  1. Chats Not LoadingIn case the chat fails to load or takes an abnormally long time, follow these steps:
  • Wait for a few hours or even a day.
  • Try accessing the chat again later when the app servers might be less overloaded.

It's essential to note that upgrading to a higher version of the app, such as C Plus, may not necessarily resolve the chat error issue. The problem seems to be related to server capacity and overall app glitchiness, which upgrading alone cannot fix.

The app's performance particularly deteriorates during weekends when user traffic is high, making it more prone to glitches. If you find the app becoming unresponsive or encountering chat errors, the best solution might be to wait for the app servers to stabilize before trying again.

In conclusion, while encountering chat errors in the app can be frustrating, understanding the underlying reasons can help manage expectations. By being patient during peak usage times and refraining from unnecessary upgrades, users may navigate through these issues more effectively.

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