ChatGPT PLUS for $20 p:m Waitlist how to sign up?

hey there so how to sign up for chat GPT plus whitelist uh so that judge PT from open AI just opened up a Plus subscription which will be 20 per month you can sign up here just there is like a Google doc where you can sign up um so yeah you can just read this TechCrunch article and there is a link to this doc here uh this is like a research preview so we could learn more about the system strengths and weaknesses and gather user feedback to help us improve upon Islam limitations um so yeah a child GPT plus might be the first of several plans to come open AI hints uh it's actively exploring options for lower cost plans business plans and data packs in addition to an API uh it will start twenty dollars per month uh and it just delivers number of benefits over the base level chat GPT you can uh include access to GPT during peak times faster response times and Priority Access to new features and improvements so yeah uh it's like simple Google form you just need to enter your email and this is yet available in these countries it's not available in all countries around the world I think uh or maybe it's just uh available in United States actually I'm not sure about that and then so yeah uh how are you using chatgpt what they use in charge GPT for email me when chat GPT plus is available so just fill out this form if you want to pay for twenty dollars and then yeah uh sometimes when you're using share GPT in like you know in top hours in US it just says it's out of capacity or it can just stop working in the most like if you're just you know sitting in office or like working in your project and like you're just focused and then boom it just stops working because it's out of capacity so it's like pretty annoying if you're just using this charge GPT as a big part of your workflow and it will become bigger and bigger in future like you just need to try out this Plus subscription

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