ChatGPT Read Aloud feature - how to use

ChatGPT has recently unveiled a new feature called "Read Aloud." This feature allows users to listen to messages instead of reading them. On iOS and Android, users can simply tap and hold a message, then select the "Read Aloud" option. For those using the web version, there is a dedicated "read aloud" button located below each message.

The Read Aloud feature has been met with excitement as it offers users a new way to interact with text-based conversations. To use this feature, follow the steps mentioned above based on your device or platform.

Some key points regarding the ChatGPT Read Aloud feature include:

  • To use the Read Aloud feature on iOS and Android, tap and hold a message and select "Read Aloud."
  • For the web version, click the "read aloud" button located below the message.
  • The feature allows users to listen to messages in audio format, providing an alternative way to engage with conversations.
  • Users can enjoy basic audio controls such as skipping 15 minutes or 15 seconds within a message.
  • Voice chat functionality is also available for users to engage in audio conversations.

In conclusion, the ChatGPT Read Aloud feature presents a convenient and innovative way for users to consume text-based messages. Whether you prefer listening to messages or want to switch things up, this feature is definitely worth trying out. Explore the various functionalities offered by the Read Aloud feature and enhance your messaging experience with ChatGPT.

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