ChatGPT - “we are experiencing exceptionally high demand….”

here if you try to log in to charge jpt recently you can see this we are experiencing exceptionally high demand please hand tight as we work on scaling our systems and also you can see Chad GPD is at a capacity right now so this is like a growing issue for a lot of users because in like you know a few weeks ago maybe a month ago when it was released like this app was more like a niche app for like some tech savvy like some Twitter users or it was going viral on Twitter people were sharing screenshots like it's of course it becomes super popular in Tech Community but now seems like everyone is trying to try it out and seems like the servers just were not ready it's a free app so you can try it out for free and yeah that's like exceptionally high demand uh so probably yeah just server is not ready yet so uh yeah what you can do you can just tap get notified when we are back and that's it um so uh there you have it unfortunate not much you can do um like you're starting your phone or stuff like that won't help because obviously this doesn't depend on that maybe you can actually try in some different hours like you know if if the users are from us like you know that they're using the app like during the work hours maybe if you really need to use this app you can try to use it during night or during early morning or something like that but not sure if you have found the solution to this just leave some comments below

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