ChatGPT “We’re experiencing exceptionally high demand”

ChatGPT, the popular app powered by OpenAI, is currently facing an unprecedented surge in demand. Users attempting to access the ChatGPT app may encounter a message stating, "We're experiencing exceptionally high demand. Please try again later." This message indicates server overload due to the overwhelming number of users trying to use the service simultaneously.

If you find yourself dealing with this issue, attempting to retry or refresh the app may not yield immediate results. The problem does not seem to be related to your Wi-Fi connection or device, as refreshing the app or clearing the cache does not resolve the situation.

Reports from Down Detector and other similar services indicate that OpenAI is currently experiencing widespread issues, resulting in a global outage of the ChatGPT service. Users who consult these platforms will find confirmation of the ongoing problem and updates on when it is likely to be resolved.

In such situations, it is advisable to be patient and wait for OpenAI to address the issue on their end. Restarting your phone or changing Wi-Fi networks is unlikely to provide a solution until the service is restored. The timeline for resolving such outages can vary, sometimes being resolved within a few hours, while in more severe cases, it may take a day or even longer.

Speculations about upgrading to ChatGPT Plus as a means to bypass the issue may not be fruitful. If the problem lies with OpenAI's servers, upgrading your subscription is unlikely to have any impact on your ability to access the service during the outage.

For the latest updates on the status of the ChatGPT service and to track when the outage is resolved, monitoring platforms like Down Detector can provide real-time information on the issue's progress. Stay informed and patient as OpenAI works to address the challenges posed by the surge in demand for ChatGPT.

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