CHATGPT - you exceeded your current quota… - what does it mean?

so I was just going through some Twitter or search engine PT and some users start to receive this issue after extensively using chat GPT during the day so it's just as you exceeded your current quota please check your plan and billing details uh and there are a lot of users just asking like is chat GPT no longer free um so that's basically that and then some users actually referring to Greg Brockman tweet who actually says that that it's a box so Greg Brockman is the president of open AI the company behind child GPD uh it said something about reaching my limit and to update Bill and mad but I thought it was free so it's just that is that's a back bug team looking into it so probably they are testing some features and stuff like that but seems It's a bug and you can sign up instead to their professional version which should be available soon so uh yeah there you have it

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