Chatjoy app - full overview

okay so here is chat joy app which is live video chat app and it's in top charts and social networking categories so let's just go straight explore uh what this app is about there are so many apps in this category like oh my god like monkey app like roulette apps so yeah so it's just one of those so video chat worldwide random video chat video call and then you can just tap open and then and then you can just do quick login or sign in with apple so let's just try to to create an account that's what you do here then enter your name you can applaud your profile photo you can allow to so yeah then you can access your microphone and then you can see all the matches here and then that's basically how the process looks like um yeah and then um yeah you can have these filters here in the bottom uh you can have all the chats here you can start in your chats on top right you can explore so then it's like a tinder you can go to live and global [Music] then you have to just to start searching you just search here in the in the middle tab and then there is your profile then you can always log out you can change your call settings you can add your stories um and all of that can change your profile pictures and then you need to get diamonds to get specific features and these are the pricing so that's basically the app that's how it looks like um so yeah uh if you enjoy it just leave some comments built it so other people can now is it legit app or is it scammy spammy and all of that or you're regularly using it and enjoying it so thanks for watching

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