ChatON - AI ChatBot Assistant - app overview

here is a chat on AI chatbot assistant app writer and virtual companion is one of the alternatives for chat GPT mobile experience probably it's it's based on GPT open AI API or something like that um and but it's just better to use it as an app than to use in browser as you have is open AI so here you can just craft it says create social post generate rewrite writes On lyrics solid equations draft scripts simplify Concepts summarize text instant help from chatbot assistant for any task better text text with AI writer so yeah you can just open it up and yeah that's the process here and then you can just continue you can see this onboarding screen and then yeah it's like pretty aggressive and then you can instantly upgrade your three-day free trial or yearly access for 40 bucks and then you can just start ask question let's see how it works uh uh you can share so let's see if that's working so I didn't upgrade as you can see I'm just using it in a free version and let's just see the limitation uh so something like that and then uh you can see some settings you can see some tasks can simply yeah so there is some education through some social so yeah you can so basically you can write some questions and engage in chats or you can create tasks and proceed here with this app like that so give it a try definitely

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