“Check the exact error using adb logcat searching for GlanceAppWidget” - what is it & how to solve?

Some Android users have been encountering a persistent issue with the GlanceAppWidget, causing repeated crashes. This problem has been occurring for several days and seems to affect a large number of users. It is not limited to a specific phone model or Android version, making it a common bug in the current landscape of Android devices.

If you are facing this error, one temporary solution is to remove the widget, clear the cache of the Google app, and then re-add the widget. However, note that it might take a couple of attempts for the widget to be added successfully, as it may crash again during the process.

Some users have also reported a workaround involving the weather widget. You can try creating a large weather widget on the side screen of your home screen and resizing it to maximum dimensions. Then, tap on it to open the weather info at a glance. Once the widget reappears, you can remove the large widget from your screen.

Another suggested fix is to long-press on the widget arrow, tap on "configure" in the context menu, and then select the widget style. Delete the widget, clear the cache of the Google app, and add a new instance of the at-a-glance widget. This method seems to be the most popular temporary solution, but be aware that the issue may reappear after 24 hours.

It is worth noting that while these workarounds may provide temporary relief, the problem tends to resurface within a day. Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be a complete and permanent fix for this issue at the moment. Some users have found success in removing and re-adding the widget on a daily basis until a future app update from Google resolves the problem.

If you are experiencing this error, you are not alone. Many users have taken to online communities like Reddit to discuss this issue. Some have found the aforementioned solutions helpful, while others continue to struggle with the recurring problem. It is important to stay patient and wait for an official fix from Google.

In the meantime, it is recommended to follow the temporary fixes mentioned above and keep an eye out for any app updates that may address this bug. Hopefully, Google will address this issue in a future software update, providing a permanent solution for affected users.

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