Checkmate app - Savings. Shipping - how to use?

so here is interesting app Checkmate savings shipping um yeah it's just one viral in recent days it's skyrocketed to the top chart in the US App Store in like shopping categories and since other categories so what it does like save money while you shop on your phone Checkmate will automatically apply cards on Safari when we find you a deal users save twice as much as any other saving tool never miss a deal automatically apply deals while you shop on your phone get five dollars when you sign up and five dollars for every friend you refer um so that's basically that apply deals you get sent automatically so basically of course you you have a lot of these apps like coupon deals and all of this cashback apps are like so many of those but this is like a mobile first app uh where you can just tap add to Safari and then uh you just add it like to to extensions [Music] um tap a in the address bar and then go to manage extensions toggle on Checkmate and select done manage extensions and then here yeah you can just tap the Checkmate extension and then just tap done um so yeah you can see here uh review uh uh select always allow and lastly select allow on every website then here you can just see uh some of the websites and then you can just allow for one day so yeah something like this and then uh yeah you can just try to go to Amazon and then just let's see if there are some savings here uh and then yeah you for example you can just search for this for example and then I don't know like basically of course if you're just shopping you will see this extension available here and then it will just show you up if there are some deals or coupons and stuff like that you don't need to click on this extension I think it will automatically pop up for you maybe not on Amazon website but there's some local e-commerce will show up on all of that the things I should include like all the major ones so anyhow this is the the idea of the app hope that is helpful and yeah thank you for watching

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