Checkmate app - Scan your friends - app overview

interesting viral app and social networking called Checkmate scan your friends so let's just install it as you can see it's in the top charts in social networking category in the apps in us and what the idea is about so you can just see a compatibility with anyone in seconds answer questions about who you are scan someone AI calculates your long-term odds together and it says powered by the Nobel prize winning technology behind the marriage pact uh 157 million matched match matches evaluated so far scan anyone you want until we change our minds who is your best match and then you can see like you can do it with your friends maybe even with your partner just who are you friends you're scanning and then stability is Justice and then yeah you just need to answer all these questions it this app creates your personality and then I don't know which technology is to use and then it just calculates uh yeah who is your best match so that's what this app is doing so yeah um that's the idea so to create an account you can just start and create an account here it's only possible to create an account with us phone number unfortunately it's not this app is not yet available everywhere but that's how you get started

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