- how to generate Twitter Interaction Circle?

hello here is and let's try to generate your own twitter interaction circle so just enter your user username here it says three slots 78 more every 15 minutes then let's just see here this process can take some time and there it is so now you just generated your interaction circle on super fast super easy you can then save image you can also see all your people in the circle one circle two and circle three um and that's super helpful because sometimes you just you just don't know like uh what does this profile pictures are maybe you just don't remember username but here you can exactly see who are the people who who you are interacting with during the the last year i guess so that is the idea and but beware that some of the some of the profile pictures are a bit outdated here uh so that's that's it and then you can just save image and then you can just download it um and then you can share it so then also you can change your background color something like that and then your image is in the in the downloads folder here so um that's that's basically it um you can also just tap and hold and then share this image on twitter it's cool that this this app is free because i think like few years ago or something when this interaction circles become became viral on twitter it wasn't free or the queue was like few minutes or maybe even days to generate this but now you can do it easily this is how it looks like hope that is helpful

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