Clapper: Video, Live, Chat - FULL OVERVIEW. Is it a TikTok alternative?

Hey there, have you heard of Clapper? It's a video, live, and chat app that is gaining popularity in the US. It has been regarded as an alternative to TikTok due to rumors of the ban on the video-sharing platform. In this article, we will provide you with a full overview of Clapper and determine whether it's a viable replacement for TikTok.

Upon opening the app, you can see that Clapper's layout is pretty similar to TikTok's. It allows you to follow people, send messages, and even start an audio or live stream. Creating an account with Clapper is an easy process; you can sign up using your Apple ID, Facebook, or Twitter account. Once logged in, you will be able to follow different accounts, and you have different fields such as accounts you follow and some others.

One of the best features of Clapper is the Discover tab. Here, you can find all the live streams, live shopping streams, content sorted by hashtags and specific creators. You may even come across some famous and viral TikTok creators who are using Clapper as a backup option.

The Clapper app allows you to create your own content with features such as adding sound, clapbacks, uploading videos, and starting radio or live streams. There are already many comedians and other content creators on the app with a decent following, albeit relatively small compared to TikTok.

Clapper is very creator-focused, as you can withdraw your balance and receive revenue as a creator with a minimum withdrawal amount of $100. You can withdraw your balance easily to your PayPal, Just Check-In account, Payoneer, or other supported platforms.

If you need any help while using Clapper, you can use the support button. The Clapper app allows you to link your other social profiles such as Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. You can also customize your username, bio, and change your photo on your profile page. There are also options for clearing your cache, inviting friends, receiving clapper coins, and managing your account.

The app is likely to continue growing and become a viable alternative to TikTok, so it's worth trying out as a backup channel for creators who have invested a lot of hard work and resources to establish their presence on TikTok. It's important to note that it's not clear whether the app is entirely American or built in China, so users should take this into consideration before using the app.

In conclusion, Clapper is an excellent app for content creators who are looking for a backup option or an alternative to TikTok. It has a similar interface and features, such as live streaming and different content categories. However, its long-term status as a TikTok alternative is still uncertain. It's better to keep an eye on the platform's growth and development before completely switching your attention to it.

That's it for our Clapper app overview. Have you tried using it yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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