Clay app Story Templates Frames app overview

hi everyone so here is this interesting app which is called clay story template frames uh yeah it's quite interesting app it has 12 000 ratings um clay lets anyone design engaging social media content in seconds it is the perfect companion for business owners and influencers who do not want uh do not have hours to spend in front of editing software so yeah you just select a template and like I think it's like Instagram templates Tick Tock templates import your pictures to video add some text filters and then save and share so here you can see some examples which you can use here and then you can just open it up and here is the clay app and then you can just create stunning content a powerful editor hundreds of templates and graphic assets created just for you what brings you to Clay you can just search in the App Store uh fun and then of course as I push you to upgrade you decide if you want to I just want to to try out at least something for free first so then here you have free uh you have some templates which are available like so for example I can just add some like media uh from here whatever some like selfies so that's what you can do here and then that's basically the template which you can use and then there are some effects uh which you can try to use on each photo separately I'm just like super beginner here guys as well I'm just showing you like what a first time user would use would do in this app and how you can go around this app um so here you have that and then uh yeah then you can just go here and then there are like Polaroids templates I don't know what that means so for example unsplash you can just select those so this is some like uh Polaroids and then there is integration so basically you can upload your photos or videos you can get from unsplash or you can get some pixels videos as well then there are some different colleges and there are even films movies so you need to upload some movie or something importing media and then basically you have even different movies here and there are some effects if you can create here so yeah super interesting if you want to you know create some nice graphic or some Showcase Video and then just share it on like Facebook Instagram whatever you are using and then just share it there so it's a pretty cool app just for that uh then you can upgrade to to this app there is a Sunday free trial so yeah uh try all the gold benefits free for 7 days and 69.99 per year so that's what you can try here then you have projects and then you have settings here which you can see here and that's basically the idea um so yeah that's that um so yeah something around it that's the app as you can see here you can follow them on Instagram for inspiration you can start from scratch and you can you can see here some templates either Instagram story post square or landscape it's like standard ratios yeah so one of those apps I think it's pretty well designed and yeah if you're if you're obsessed about Instagram stories reels uh Tick Tock videos and you need a lot of content for example to grow your small business or stuff like that this is the app definitely to go and check out

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