Clips app on iPhone quick overview

so on iOS 16 and your iPhones you have this native app from Apple which is called Clips so what is that basically so here's the app and yeah you can just you can just add photos or you can record videos so here for example I'm just recording recording the video or I can add some effect for example I can use it with my memoji or I can remove that and then I can just add another filter or I can use AR spaces or I can use some scenes so something like that and then I can just record all of that and that's basically the idea and then I can just share tap on that I can mute it I can delete or I can just tap share and it will be uh shared as a project to you can save it you can add to Shared album or you know you can split it so basically I think the idea of the app is that like you can create this quick videos for Instagram reels or Tick Tock or anything so just like a separate app to correct in this vertical Clips also for YouTube shorts it's like you have a separate native app just inside a inside Apple and you don't need to pay a yearly subscription for some similar apps like that uh so yeah that's what you can do you can then just change aspect ratio um Square orientation and yeah just do that and then you can just save it I think it is also possible to add some music from soundtracks from your music you can set aspect ratio here and it's pretty cool you can play with with effects in this app so I think that's basically the idea uh hope you enjoy it

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