CLOCKOUT COMMUNITY & NETWORK app - How to create an account?

so here is interesting app uh clockout community so let's just install it uh and see how it works why it's growing in charts a clock out under defined your work life balance my specifically for post grads and young professionals we are here so you can escape the green and meet new people in ways that actually make sense it's finally simple to find your people explore fun things to do and get involved uh come join the community so you can meet new people you can enjoy group chats you can see events and meetups ratings and reviews and all of that so as like you know graduation season is coming closer uh like these apps for young professionals are becoming more and more popular so to create an account you can see the options you can just do it with apple facebook google so usually i just easily sign up with apple like for me is the fastest way and then here you just need to select who are you user organization uh here you need to agree to community guidelines then you need to upload an image of yourself [Music] so here you just need to select some of the photos hehe [Music] and then you need to enter um uh your username okay i will just do it here for tick tock then minimum some characters and then [Music] you need to enter the university and just for this demo let's just set it up are you and then how do you want to clock out [Music] so that's what you can do what some of your interests um and there you have it so this is the process to to create an account here so that's that and then basically here you created your account

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