Clubhouse app - ultimate guide

What is a Clubhouse app?

Clubhouse is a social audio app. Think of Twitter for voice.

It is an audio social media app, where people gather in rooms and talk about different topics. There is no video – just audio.

Your home feed is just a list of upcoming Clubhouse rooms.

Clubhouse story

First mentions about Clubhouse started to appear on Twitter around April 2020. You could see some top VCs and tech founders mentioning some invite-only app, where they were invited. People started to share screenshots and extracts of conversations on Twitter.

Early growth of Clubhouse was fueled by “exclusivity”. Only top VCs and tech people got an invite, so everyone wanted to get in the app and be a part of that elite club and participate in conversations with though leaders.

At first, there were just two founders in Paul Davison and Rohan Seth.

Then Andreseen Horowitz VS firm invested $10mil at $100mil valuation. This move sparked a lot of discussion in Sillicon Valley as app didn’t make any money and there were around 1500 free users (mostly tech VCs).

In 2021 a16z lead another investment round, with Clubhouse valuation nearing $1B.

Clubhouse virality

Recently, Elon Musk joined a Clubhouse event, where he among other things participated in a heated discussion with Vlad Tenev – CEO of Robinhood.

And recently the app is growing at insane rates.

Clubhouse app full overview

How to get on Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is still invite-only app. But, there are more and more invites. You can try to get/buy invites in Clubhouse invites subreddit.

Clubhouse is available on iOS only.

How to create an account in Clubhouse?

If you are lucky and got a Clubhouse invite, here is how to create an account.

How to invite someone to Clubhouse?

After creating an account, you can start inviting people. Your number of Clubhouse invites depends on your activity in the app.

How to reserve username in Clubhouse?

If you can’t create an account yet – don’t have an invite – you can still reserve your username.

How to add a creator alias?

Clubhouse has a policy of real names. But, what to do if you are know by your creator alias? You can add that in Clubhouse – it will appear next to your full name. Be careful, you can only change your Full Name or Creator alias once in Clubhouse.

How to customize your profile?

Clubhouse profile is your business card these days.

There is no DM feature, so it can be a good idea to add Instagram or Twitter to your profile, so people know a way to reach out.

You can also customize your Clubhouse bio – great bio can help to get more followers.

How to start a room in Clubhouse?

The core of Clubhouse are different rooms, where people are gathering to discuss different topics – from Social media and Tech to meditation music, health, hobbies and so on.

In each room there is a stage – a group of speakers.

Below, there is a group of people, who speakers follow.

And at the very bottom you can see everyone else. At the moment rooms in Clubhouse have limit up to 5K participants.

How to participate in Clubhouse rooms?

After creating an account, you can just tap on any room you want to join. You will join as a listener.

If you want to get on a stage and speak – you need to tap raise hand emoji in the bottom right. Sometimes, room moderators can ban the ability to raise hands and join the stage.

How to create an event in Clubhouse?

After creating a profile, you can start to scheduling events. Your followers will be notified anytime you scheduled events in Clubhouse. You can add co-hosts or guests to your Clubhouse events – but to do that, these users need to follow you.

How to create a club in Clubhouse?

So, Clubhouse should have clubs, right? At the moment, one user can only create one club. And it is only possible to do via form request.

How to get followers in Clubhouse?

Clubhouse right now is one of the hottest social media apps. It is also still invite-only, but growing insanely fast.

Right now is an ideal time to start growing your Clubhouse following. How to do that?

Follow these steps to grow Clubhouse followers:

  • Speak in rooms, engage in discussions
  • Create an engaging bio
  • Create your own rooms – (your followers will be notified, when you create a room)
  • Schedule events
  • Create your own club

I have read on Twitter, that to grow actively on Clubhouse, you need to spend 3-7 hours per day.

Can you record Clubhouse rooms?

It is against Clubhouse guidelines to record and share a room without permission. This can lead to your account termination. However, when Elon Musk participated in Clubhouse event, the next day there were dozens of YouTube streams with the conversation.

Clubhouse security and privacy

It is possible to block people on Clubhouse. This way you will be notified when they participate in rooms.

You can use a reporting feature as well.

Moderators can also block speakers and exclude them from a stage.

How to delete Clubhouse account?

In case, you are not happy with Clubhouse, you can reach out to their support and request account cancellation.

How to contact Clubhouse support?

Clubhouse is still a super small team of around 10 people. You can try to reach out via support @

Less know Clubhouse tricks

You can clap in Clubhouse, here is how:

Clubhouse reception

Clubhouse app was mostly praised by top VCs (its first early adopters) and tech community.



You can’t change your phone number in Clubhouse

Clubhouse is available only on iOS – not on the Web or Android

There is another Clubhouse app – focused around project management. That is not the social media audio app.


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