COINBASE BALANCE ZERO - what is going on

Coinbase users recently faced a concerning issue with their account balances showing zero. The official message from Coinbase acknowledged the problem and assured users that their team is actively investigating the issue and will provide an update soon.

The problem seems to be related to errors in buying or selling within Coinbase accounts. Users may have noticed degraded performance on the Coinbase website and mobile app. This issue is not due to a security breach where assets were stolen or disappeared. Rather, it is attributed to technical bugs stemming from a surge in website traffic.

Here are some key points regarding the Coinbase balance zero incident:

  • Coinbase users may see a zero balance in their accounts.
  • Errors in buying or selling cryptocurrency have been reported.
  • Degraded performance on the website and mobile app.
  • The issue is not related to a security breach.
  • Technical bugs are being investigated.
  • Coinbase assures users that their assets are safe.

Users experiencing these problems are encouraged to follow updates from Coinbase support. By visiting, users can monitor the status of the website and mobile app.

Amidst the technical challenges, users have expressed frustration and dissatisfaction with the situation. Brian Arsmore from Coinbase acknowledged the issue, citing a significant surge in traffic as the underlying cause. Coinbase apologizes for any inconvenience caused and is working to resolve the problem swiftly.

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