in this video we're gonna go through overview of coinbase nfc marketplace beta i'll just try to share you details how it looks like how to use it and all of that so first of all how to get in so uh going by snft a marketplace is still in vada it was a long awaited release for this marketplace during winter but finally it was released now in april it was postponed as i understand uh but yeah it's still on the waiting list for many people so you need to go to uh you need to sign up for the waiting list and if you refer some people to join your waiting list you will go up in the list that's what actually i did and some people joined coinbase nft marketplace through through my link so yeah and then uh you just enter that referral code uh and then you connect your metamask wallet you need to like switch to ethereum blockchain and there you have it now you're in in the process when you create your account you will need to reserve your username and add the profile picture and all of that you can always change that later so i was kind of lucky i kind of reserved my first first name username on coinbase nft then you can just add your name you can connect your twitter as well and then you can update your profile so that's cool it's als always possible to change profile photo and all of that then if you go to your account you will need to add your email address and verify your email address you can always request your personal data there is a help center and in case you want to completely remove your data and just be sure that nobody has access to it so you can always just tap delete an account so that's that now when you've connected your metamask how basically shop nfts so you can just go here to the shop tab uh you can select some collections you can select a price range from menu to maximum here you can see all the collections uh from and there are like really trending collections samsung us on openc like so you have apes here you have crypto punks you have moon birds so for example i can just go to moonboards which is right now is like really one of the hottest collections out there so yeah you can just go to the original collection profile page here's how it looks like you can see a number of items number of owners floor price and i volume you can see a wallet here so you can see just so that's that and yeah basically so yeah that's how it looks and you can select sale type you can select buy now and this is available moonboards which where you can see the floor price so for example if i want to get this one this how it looks like i can see all the attributes i can see the details so five percent goes to the creator when it was minted you can refresh metadata owned by you can see owner but also by the way you can follow people here um so and then you can see some of the comments here so people can comment here there is an activity um and yeah so like for me the first feeling of like you know coinbase nft and marketplace and also i i i seen that on twitter is that uh yeah it feels more like a social media feels more like instagram like you know it kind of has more of that social element compared to to open c for example and i don't know if there is like a coin based nft marketplace mobile app is it a separate app probably there will be like a separate app or something like that and it feels if you're scrolling through it especially on mobile there will be much more interaction there will be more comments and you know uh all of that so then you can just yeah there are all these settings you can see the picture you can enter the full picture um yeah you can see the details and then finally if it's on sale you can tap buy now here is check out uh so here is the cost this nft costs uh 47 ethereum plus ethereum gas fees five percent of all sales go to the creator so you need to have that amount available in your wallet um here you can see uh a gas estimate which will be shown in wallet and then you can just uh yeah if you don't have ethereum but you have funds uh you can buy it here in the coin base uh they adjust and attach it and yeah it will appear in your metamask wallet and then you just also you need to buy gas and voila you have it and then you can just buy it so that's basically the process so kind of looks super simple uh so that's basically that's basically the process you can discover some trending collections here uh sorted by i don't know uh by seven day volume uh you can see a number of items here um crypto punks moroccan starboard app v france uh i'm not like a huge advanced uh trader but yeah here you can see it seems like some of the big collections so that's basically that uh if there is no floor price uh once and it means the floor price update once and empties from this collection have been listed on coinbase nft uh so that's that um you can also just discover then there is like a discover feed that's where i think it looks more like you know instagram especially again on mobile so you can see these pictures you can see a lot of comments likes you can see suggestions uh account to follow uh trending collections and the cool part yeah here you can follow people [Music] so [Music] and then you can see who is also following them so that's the idea and uh yeah and then these people will just appear in your feed so that's kind of cool um and then there are these verified collections verified i don't know how to get verified or how to how to get your collection verified and all of that then the the other interesting question is actually how to mint nft i don't know how like how it works basically because it's still in better and then if you want to hear your entities it says create a tab um but uh you you there is no option to create nft here uh for me i don't know what you need to do might be out of butter maybe you need to get verified uh maybe um you know you need to have access to this feature or i don't know why or what's the process because like on openc from the start you would be able uh even if you just created your account you would be able to create a nft collection and it means your nft here i don't know how to do it then you can see all your own nfts and then all those hidden ones so that's basically the idea and yeah so that's that's how it works um uh yeah you can show up here there is really are interesting filters you can set up price range from minimum to maximum and then yeah you can see all the items for sale you can see at least that filters on by recent oldest lowest highest price and then you can you know see what are some of the available lowest and if these [Music] so something like that so this is the process basically here um yeah so interesting overview let's check out if there is actually an app we can also go through the techcrunch here and yes there is a much bigger focus here on building social network um compared to openc but let's see it's interesting to compare if like how it will work with openc you is going by it's gonna make it and um make a real competitor to open c or you know it's just people want to buy and if this is on coinbase they will still stick to openc so that's um there are some questions of moderation [Music] the whole platform will be available to everyone over 18 years old in the coming weeks it stimulates an instagram profile where one would showcase their photographs but in this case it's in it is people can follow common and interact with one another through marketplace [Music] oftentimes people use multiple different social media channels like discord or twitter to engage in the nft communities they believe in are on our platform they can do so in one place so this is the uh representative of the platform vice president of brother of coinbase said during the meeting [Music] so that's the overview you can expect coinbase nft to become the platform whereas an export a yeah club or the next artist organization is doing zero one just on the platform this is just the beginning saxana said so that's that hope this overview this quick overview is helpful for you in case you don't have an account or you still didn't get an invite so here's a preview what it looks like of course it's still in bada i think they will add much more features in future and all of that but here you have the idea how it looks like how to use it how to get started how to manage your account by nfts i don't know how to mean nftc yet or how to create a collection and some of the questions hopefully it will be available in in some time uh but other than that uh thank you for watching visit my blog mr hack the subscribe mr hack.i subscribe also to my youtube channel and check out my podcast

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