Coinbase SITE DEGRADED PERFORMANCE - app not working, buggy

Coinbase is currently experiencing degraded performance across its website and app services. Users may encounter issues such as login errors and difficulties with certain payment methods. The company acknowledges the situation and appreciates users' patience as they work on improving customer trading capabilities amidst increased traffic.

According to a statement from Brian Armstrong, the CEO of Coinbase, the ongoing performance degradation is being addressed by the company. The high volume of activity, likely influenced by the rising value of Bitcoin, has led to operational challenges for users attempting to withdraw funds or utilize various features of the platform.

While the exact timeline for resolution is not specified, users are advised to wait for Coinbase to restore its full operational capacity and address the existing technical issues. In the meantime, it is recommended to monitor official updates from Coinbase regarding the status of the service and any developments towards resolving the current performance degradation. Here are the key points regarding the Coinbase site's degraded performance:

  • Increased traffic leading to trading issues for customers.
  • Login errors and payment method challenges may persist.
  • CEO Brian Armstrong confirms the performance degradation.
  • Operational constraints due to high Bitcoin value.
  • Restoration of full capacity and issue resolution underway.

As the situation evolves, Coinbase users are reminded to exercise patience and stay informed through official channels for updates on the platform's performance and service restoration.

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