hey everyone so in this video tutorial we're gonna go through coin snap Value Guide app uh so yeah it's as you can see it's gone in the top charts in the in the App Store and yeah please use this app because this is the best coin identification app so used by developer next Vision Limited uh so yeah with this app basically you can identify any coin uh and it's super easy to use you can just scan to identify and it works like a charm It Works super fast you can learn all the the facts about specific coin you can discover coin value you can organize a collection yeah but the the biggest uh thing about is that yeah you can just identify coin value and it for example in your house you just have some you know like a set of some uh abandoned coins you don't even know where these coins coming from maybe in your like you know summer house or somewhere you just have these old coins I would definitely recommend you to use this app and just to scan some of these coins uh yeah uh just for yourself maybe some of those can be worth like thousands of dollars like yeah you never know like so coin snap is a powerful mobile application that utilizes AI driven and mice recognition technology to add correctly identify any quantities in seconds and I I need to say it's like works pretty cool in this app so yeah let's just try it out so you just go to the app and here you have it you instantly present it with this pop-up that you need to upgrade uh you have seven day free trial then only 29.99 per year but you can also use this app you can use this app uh for free um um so yeah but of course it's a bit limited so here you can just see some popular series uh you can see some uh collector coins uh from yeah so here you have all of this uh so you can see the details uh you can see yeah some some of the coins as you can see that can can be worth like hundreds of dollars uh some of them are like worth eight dollars uh yeah but if you have some random coin from 1800s uh it can be worse a lot so like for example this it can be worth five thousand dollars if you have some rare Edition it can be worth hundred thousand dollars and all of that so yeah but let's just go through the process what you can do so just tap to snap and for example here I will show you how easy it is so just make sure that your background is visible and here I'm just scanning 20 Danish kroner which is basically like three dollars and then I just want to scan like on this part and then yeah you can see this clearly identified it and it's like uh uh two dollars 88 cents so yeah this is basically the value of this coin so nothing is spectacular it's not worth like five thousand dollars something now it's just the most regular coin in Denmark here you can see all the interesting facts about it like the issue nomination common series wait diameter thickness composition Edge uh some lettering also you can join here their subreddit where you can really discuss your findings and maybe you can you found some really rare coin and then you can then ask on Reddit maybe someone wants to buy it and all of that but anyhow so let's just try another another coin here I was just doing this snapping today so here there is like 50r which is like 50 cents in Denmark and it works the technology works really great super fast as you can see this is like Greenland 50 Aura which is like 50 cents in Denmark and now I need to find the year uh year 1989 so yeah it's only worth like from Force us to 45 cents US Dollars well if you can sell it like for 45 cents U.S then it's already worth more because one US dollar is around like seven krona and this is like 50 cents uh so you have uh like 45 cents so like 45 cents it would be around three and a half krona not uh 50 or so already even for regular coin you you can make some good trade uh but yeah like imagine if you have some some better coin here I'm just showing you around like how it can work you must common coins in Europe so for example here is like 20 Euro cents 20 Euro Cent from 2005 yeah seems you can no I think it's from 2006 actually okay so it's a lower value unfortunately but yeah as you can see 20 Euro Cent someone can can buy it for like 60 us cents which is already more than the worth of original coin how you can exchange somewhere in the in the exchange you can also see who is the designer uh yeah so it's pretty interesting uh then you can just share it you can add it to collection uh and then just create your own collection then you have settings if you want to upgrade you can upgrade to a coin snap and then just have no ads detailed information uh unlimited coin identification quickly identify any coin and you have some day free trial here uh then here you can give more access you then you can clear a cache which I recommend to do if you're using this app often so just do that um so then you can reach out to some help you can also sign up log in here in the app all of this stuff I did without without an account and it still saves in history collection so that's pretty cool uh yeah so it seems like a pretty interesting app and uh well designed like it's really good product from engineering side it's like very easy to use and all of that and then uh yeah so yeah can you sell coins here unfortunately no so you can see the value which is just like a reference to coin price but you can sell it on the app as it's not like a coin numismatic Marketplace it's similar as vivino or untapped like you can other apps you can see the value of the of this wine for example but you you can't sell it on Vivian or something like that so here you can just see the value of the coin but that's about it uh yeah and then you can just see the seven day free trial um so that's basically how it works so yeah here you have the idea of it um and that's basically so yeah that's about it I applied a lot with this app it's super fun so have fun you too

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