CoinSnap app - quick overview

here's coin Snap app and I was just playing with it today and uh yeah so the the idea is that uh yeah you can snap coins identify them and then you can maybe discover some of your coins can be worth a lot of money so yeah that's the idea um um so that's basically what it is and then yeah for example you can identify coin but can you can you sell coins here so if you identify coins with the app uh you can see estimate price but it's not possible to sell it it's not like a Marketplace so it's just gives you a suggestion uh what it is and like the S the value of the coin where is based on this word Nas luster and other conditions is prices for references only so you can sell coins here yeah it's not the numismatic marketplace so it just can give you a reference and this reference is where like um just it's not super precise obviously because you need to take a closer look at the coin and just figure out how uh yeah uh things about it so yeah hope that is helpful and thank you for watching

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