Confio app / a little more connection app - what is it?

Confio app / a little more connection app - what is it?

There have been rumors circulating about a new dating app called Confio app. However, it appears that this app is not related to dating at all. In fact, Confio app is actually a cleaning app in Spain. So, if your aim was to find a dating app, unfortunately, this is not the one.

But fear not, there is another dating app called "a little more connection." This app aims to provide users with a platform to foster meaningful connections. However, accessing information about this app has proven to be a challenge.

If you try to visit the app's website, you will find that it is not accessible. It seems the developers have used a website builder like Wix, which has resulted in accessibility issues. This lack of accessibility can be frustrating for potential users who are trying to gather more information about the app.

To make matters worse, if you search for the app in the App Store, you will not find it available for download. This further adds to the mystery surrounding "a little more connection." Without being able to access the website or locate the app in the App Store, it is difficult to determine if the app is still in development or if there are other reasons behind its unavailability.

In conclusion, it seems that Confio app is not the dating app it was rumored to be, but rather a cleaning app in Spain. As for "a little more connection," its website is inaccessible, and the app is not available in the App Store, leaving potential users in the dark about its current status. Until more information becomes available, it is uncertain whether this app will ever see the light of day.

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