Confirmed App - chat support is not loading…

In the latest update of the Confirmed app, users have reported issues with the chat support feature. For some unknown reason, the chat support is not loading properly, causing frustration for many users trying to reach out for assistance.

When attempting to initiate a chat session with the support team, users are encountering various errors. It seems that these errors prevent users from accessing the chat support feature altogether. This means that users are unable to get the help they need in a timely manner, leading to further frustration.

Some users have attempted to resolve the issue by restarting the app. However, even after restarting, they faced the same problem. Additionally, when users try to enter the drop, another error occurs.

It appears that the issues arise when there is a popular drop being offered. To successfully access the drop, users either need to be incredibly fast when a notification arrives or wait for a few minutes after millions of users have rushed in. If users fail to take either of these approaches, they may find themselves unable to access the drop or connect with chat support due to overloaded servers.

The combination of drops not working and chat support being unavailable presents a significant inconvenience for users relying on the app's features. It is essential for the Confirmed app developers to address these issues promptly to ensure a seamless user experience.

In conclusion, users of the Confirmed app have encountered problems with the chat support feature, which is not loading correctly. With errors occurring during attempts to initiate a chat session or enter drops, users are left frustrated and unable to receive the support they need. Swift action is required from the app developers to resolve these issues and maintain customer satisfaction.

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