Connections Plus app from NYT - how to play?

The Connections Plus app from New York Times (NYT) is gaining attention for its unique and engaging gameplay experience. The app is updated daily, offering users the opportunity to challenge themselves with word puzzles. Here is a brief guide on how to play the Connections Plus app based on a video transcript:

  • The goal of Connections Plus is to find four groups of words that share something in common. Each group consists of four words, and each puzzle has a single solution.
  • To start playing, simply select four words that you believe are connected and hit submit. If your guess is correct, you will progress to the next level.
  • Be strategic in your selections, as you must find all the groups without making four mistakes. Even after making four mistakes, there is an option to continue your game.
  • Word categories in the game are diverse and specific, ranging from nouns to names like fruits or happy. These categories are color-coded based on difficulty, making the gameplay experience varied and challenging.
  • Users can also explore the extensive NYT archive to play the full Connections game. Connections is noted as the second most popular NYT game after Wordle, adding to its allure.
  • One of the standout features of Connections Plus is the ability to create your own game. This customization option allows users to tailor the gameplay experience to their preferences.

The Connections Plus app offers a refreshing take on word puzzles, encouraging players to think critically and make meaningful connections between words. Whether you enjoy solving puzzles individually or competing with friends, the app provides an immersive and intellectually stimulating experience. Dive into the world of Connections Plus and test your word association skills today!

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