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Hey everyone, in this quick episode we're gonna go through some interesting music apps which you want to try out. If you like Spotify or Apple music, or you know, just like listening to music. And maybe as I do, sometimes you have some you know issues with recommendations. So for me as I see, one of the biggest problems actually in this music app industry you can say is like how do you find some new cool music like what is the best algorithm? Which app has the best algorithm to discover some new tracks and some new artists? Like for me like you know, a lot of these apps will have high quality of sound. You can upgrade in Spotify to get that title and all of that. But how exactly do you get to discover this new artist in? Usually Spotify is pretty good and I think Spotify became famous exactly because of this. Discover weekly playlist. So for people who don't know, that's like one of the top playlists generated by. AI Spotify, where you can just go and then you can just see some music recommendations based on algorithm. And then yeah, you can really discover some cool artists and all of that. Also they have like a daily mix option where you can. Yeah, just find your previous best songs and then just. Yeah fine. Also some new recommendations, but it still is a problem. And recently as I found on Spotify like you know, there are a lot of tracks that are repeating and. I don't have the best recommendations. Sometimes I find find some good track, but it takes like you know, few months until I find that. And like the question is, could he have been like faster like I could have listened to that track much earlier, so there is this niche and there is a new app disk discovery and sharing music that just came out from YCY Combinator batch. And this app right now is the number 7 in music charts in the US App Store. So basically it's just called the self discovery and sharing music and I just tried out. I made a few videos about it. It's like a Tinder for music. So what they say, you just woke up on the floor of your local deli. You pull out your phone to find new music, but Spotify keeps showing you the Samsung and tick Tock duels are getting old. Welcome to this Z discs or something like that. I don't know how it's pronounced, but anyways. You open up the app and start swiping every song you like gets automatically saved to a Spotify playlist. You follow your friends inspired through their mixes and then make your own and burn it to the feed. Apical falls on your head. The more music you find and share, the more your profile grows. You never go back to hand mediocre music, so that's the motto of the app. You can swipe to discover new music, build your profile, follow friends. Curate your playlist, go viral so you can basically swipe through song snippets and find music you love. Find Tyler might sound recommendation based on your listening profile. Build a profile, share mixes and get recommendations from France like songs to automatically save to your Spotify playlist. Use fortified top artists and tracks of the last month, six months, all time. Swipe through any playlist on Spotify to quickly find the tracks you like. So that's the app. And Yep, so I just try it out. So you just need to sign in with your Spotify account and then it's basically looks like team. So this app basically looks like Tinder for for music and then you can just you know, swipe around and then you can just train their algorithm to find new interesting tracks. So definitely a cool app because yeah for me sometimes Spotify recommendation isn't the best one. So that's cool. And then you can swipe create new playlist. This playlist will be synced to your Spotify account and then you swipe left. You don't add the songs fire, right? You add the sun and then you you populate your playlist like that and it's a bit like faster way to discover new music. So definitely interesting app. So then. Then also you can. There is just like a recommendation tab where you can just see all of the music tabs recommendations in one place. Then you can also explore and then there are your playlists on your profile. You can also follow people, so in Explorer tab you can discard people by their usernames. Maybe it can be your friends. You can also discover your top tracks, top albums and all of that so you can see that. Yep in there. Yeah, in the app, so that's like interesting recommendation system. You can save songs from France. You can view your top songs and artists. Yeah. And then yeah, I think it's just an interesting app which focuses really on this problem. Of, you know, finding best recommendations fast. So definitely give it a try if you're a music lover, by the way, like in Tinder. There is also interesting option if you're using Tinder about Spotify like music match or something like that. So basically you can match based on the songs you allow and sometimes you know sounds can tell even more for some people than pictures and descriptions. So like yeah, if you like specific band. It might be you can really match and communicate by on that, so that's a really interesting really interesting new feature in teams are. So just in the sign now check it out as well. So another app I just discovered it's called spotted stats for Spotify. We'll soon be renamed Stats FM. So basically what this app is about. So maybe you know there is a Spotify wrapped so in the end here, Spotify publishes like. Overview like your analytics, your dashboard. What's your favorite artist, artist? What's your favorite track and album? So something around that and. Yeah, so that's that's what Spotify does. It's really cool. It goes viral, people sharing it on Snapchat on Instagram. But it's just only one time per year. And like what or where else do you need? Can you get these kind of stats so turns out there is an app for that which is called spotty stats. It's so soon will be called stats fun because they will also add like an Apple music support for that. And yeah, basically you just again log in with your Spotify account. You can see your top artists for past four weeks. You can see your top albums. The cool feature is that even in a few version you can see your full listening history for Spotify until last five days, so I never knew how to do that. So because here in Spotify queue you can just only see just recent tracks with you play light and then they just disappear. But here in this app you can see everything. What you yeah, what you played until like 5 days ago so something around that. Uhm? And yeah, so then you can also see global charts which are based on the on the data which this app has, so it's not Spotify data, because obviously Spotify one give it up. But yeah, just number of streams for the last four weeks for the last six months or today or lifetime and this data is a bit different. What you have in Spotify because these are just people who upload and their access to this app. Uhm? Then for each track you have, you can have like really cool stats. You can see how many times you played, how many minutes you stream for that, like all your specific stats, how many different tracks you listen, different albums, different artists. Your top in past four weeks, six months or lifetime, or specific custom period. Your top tracks, artists and albums. So all of the data like if you're just interested like you know. But what's your listening processes like? Where? Where you get where you're shifting your listening attention? So yeah, this is interesting stats app, which you should definitely try out. And it's yeah for sure it's cool app, so yeah, check it out. Spotty stats stats if there are a lot of good reviews. People, right? It's a brilliant app in app review, so I'm just seeing here so yeah, check it out for sure. And then of course if you want, like for example a full listening history for Spotify account or something like additional. Of data you will just need to subscribe for spotted stats plus. But anyhow, that's about it. I hope if you enjoy Spotify, Apple Music, try out these apps. They can enhance your listening experience and bring you a bit more joy. Hope you enjoyed this episode. Let's catch up in the next one following my subscribe to my tube channel. Follow my blog. Mr Hack dot IO and see you around.

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