CounterSocial app - NextGen Social Network - QUICK OVERVIEW

here's a super quick overview of Contour social app and Next Generation social network so yeah it's a next-gen social network no trolls no abuse no ads no fake news no foreign influence operations as you can see it's the the idea is pretty ambitious but nevertheless the app clip keeps climbing in the top charts so maybe it's a really good Niche especially you know following all the recent updates with Twitter and there is such a like a drama right now when you ask with all these social networks people not satisfied with Facebook uh trying to find some more like right-wing apps like parlor or rumble or something like that I mean while accusing the main apps that there are two left wing and yeah so there are a lot of like social media alternative apps recently um this app counter social is 100 crowd powdered by its users and doesn't run as a promoted content our user's data is not mined or sold for any purpose you can see here some of the screenshots and let's just open it up so I created account myself it's super straightforward you just enter a username email password repeat your password and that's it so kind of like old school of creating an account there is no um option to sign in with Twitter or Google or Facebook or apple you just create your account like that and then yeah this is how it looks like uh this looks like Twitter I I have no idea if this app is actually you know right you know left win ideally it I hope it should be like neutral platform hopefully it goes into that the direction and then you can just see uh uh just see all these people if you want to add friends just go and search for some usernames like just and then you can just search them just tap this and then you can add them basically by doing that you're just following them um then as an other social network you can mention you can share share you can mute block or report users similar as on Twitter then yeah you can go to your own profile uh so here is your profile uh you can see your previous boss from it um yeah so this is like front page of your profile you can see all the people you are following you can see your post person replies and media you share it's a very similar to Twitter if you want to share a new post you just tap share in the bottom right and then here you can just write what what you think you can just add some photos pause you can change privacy and as you can see yep there is a an upgraded version there is a subscription option and then here there is like a sanitizer I don't know what that means but yeah or maybe it's just checks your content in real time using AI technology and just detects if something is not suitable or something or there is some fake information or something like that so you can use that then there are yeah there is your feed you can see uh replies boosts notifications and then uh yeah here you can see of the community bicycle like a discovery feed then there are notifications so yeah by itself the design of the app is very minimalistic very basic so you have only this you know stuff you need similar as on Twitter but the main thing why this app keeps growing in the charts is just because it of all these new features it claims to be like you you can see like fact liar checking deep fake detection uh uh trying to have no ads and very Community Based I don't know if it is open source or not but yeah there you have it um so also if you tap on edit profile you can just go here and then in the very bottom you can proceed to delete your account if you're sensitive about your privacy or data or anything like that so it is actually a good sign that app has this option in the bottom yeah it signifies that the founders actually think about yeah about how useful it is like that you control your own data and then also from here you can change your profile picture headers and then there are like pro versions there is pro version you can upgrade uh here and then you need to pay I think it's like five dollars per month uh so it just follows the instructions there um lock account requires you to manually approve followers interesting feature list this account on the directory um so yeah you can do that uh directory lets people find accounts based on interest and activity requires at least 10 followers so you can do that um yeah changing of display name changing your bio um so that's basically it uh as you can see it here yeah so that's the app there are so many these features with this app claims to have I hope they will be really successful and they they will develop and yeah uh try out this app uh yeah leave your comments what do you think do you enjoy this community or not what yeah what are your thoughts thank you for watching

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