CoverStar - Positive Social - HOW TO USE? Full overview

CoverStar - Positive Social - HOW TO USE? Full overview

So what is Coverstar app positive social? Let's just do a quick overview and how to use Coverstar app. As you can see, it has started to climb the top charts in the US App Store's social media category. In essence, this app is similar to TikTok, but it is primarily aimed at kids and teenagers. It is an American company and may be considered as an alternative to TikTok, although it currently has a smaller user base. Coverstar's focus is on creating a safe and positive social environment, where bullying and explicit content are not allowed. Their mission is to build a better world through positivity and play.

Getting started with Coverstar is simple. You can create an account by tapping on the sign-up button. There are three options to sign up: you can sign in with Apple, continue with Google, or sign in with your username. It is worth noting that signing in with Apple is a convenient and easy option. Once you have signed in, you will be greeted with a feed of videos, similar to TikTok. To use the app, you need to create a profile, make videos, and join challenges.

The unique aspect of Coverstar is the presence of challenges. These challenges are specific videos created by Coverstar influencers. Joining a challenge can earn you a special badge on your profile. The app provides featured challenges, and you can also create your own challenge if your video goes viral on the platform. To record a video, you can tap on the plus icon and browse music, set a timer, swap the camera, change camera angles, apply filters, and upload videos from your gallery.

Coverstar also offers social features such as notifications, fans, and the option to invite friends to earn a special badge. The app allows you to edit your profile, change profile photo, name, country, and add a bio. Additionally, you can make your profile private, ensuring that only approved people can see your posts. Privacy settings are handy, especially when parents want to monitor their kids' app activities.

It is interesting to note that Coverstar allows users to easily manage their accounts, including the option to delete the account directly within the app. The app also provides a privacy policy and community guidelines to maintain a positive and safe environment for its users. For any support or assistance, users can reach out to the Coverstar support team via email.

Two popular questions often asked about Coverstar app are: How do you host a challenge? According to the support team, challenges are hosted by selecting trending sounds and talented users. There are no set rules, but creating great content can increase your chances of becoming a host. Another question is: How do you get verified? Accounts are verified when talented Coverstar users become popular or when influencers from other platforms join Coverstar. The exact follower count for verification varies, but reaching out to the support team for verification is possible.

Overall, Coverstar is an app that provides a positive social experience, especially for kids and teenagers. While it may not have the same scale as TikTok yet, it offers the opportunity to gain a following, become a Coverstar influencer, and potentially establish a presence early on. Whether or not the app will gain significant traction and open up to a broader demographic is uncertain. If you are interested in exploring new apps or want your kid to try a safe and positive social platform, Coverstar could be worth considering.

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