Craft app - Write docs, AI editing - how to use

Craft app is an interesting tool that allows users to write documents with AI-powered editing capabilities. The app offers various features like journaling, idea organization, and meeting note-taking. With Craft, you can access an AI assistant at your fingertips, helping you unleash your creativity.

To start using Craft, simply tap on "Get" to install the app. Once installed, you will see different sections such as Journal, Ideas, and Meeting Notes. These sections are designed to help you organize your thoughts and structure your ideas into stunning documents. Craft is suitable for all types of content creation, from quick notes and travel plans to full-blown presentations.

One standout feature of Craft is its AI-powered editing capability, which allows you to easily style and structure your documents. Collaborating with others is also made easy, as you can share daily updates and export and share your work with others.

Although Craft may not be as well-known as other note-taking apps like Notion or Apple's Notes, it has been featured as an Editor's Choice and has received many awards. It is certainly worth a try if you are looking for a powerful and intuitive writing and organizing tool.

To get started with Craft, you can create an account using your Apple ID. Once signed in, you can explore the various features, options, and document templates available. The app offers a quick start guide to help you navigate and make the most of its features.

Creating a new document in Craft is straightforward. You can easily change the font, add titles, and customize your document's appearance. The app is designed to be minimalistic and user-friendly, similar to Apple's Notes app, making it easy for anyone to get started.

In addition to regular documents, Craft allows you to create quick notes and add to-do lists for easy organization. Although not extensively familiar with every detail of the app, I can confidently say that it provides a seamless writing experience.

The best part about Craft is that it is a free app. You do not need to upgrade or make any in-app purchases to access its full range of features. So if you are in search of a powerful and user-friendly writing app, give Craft a try. You might just find it to be your new go-to tool for writing and organizing your thoughts.

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