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CRYPTO SCAMS - Crypto Revolt app, Crypto Nation Pro app
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BeReal app - SUPER QUICK GUIDE & how to use

Be careful! I signed up for these crypto scam apps. This is what happened...


Hey, everyone. So in this quick episode, let's talk about some new crypto scams or some services, which I discovered, which can be interesting for you. And probably you should just try to avoid them, because basically I was just looking for some services, and I stumbled upon like, a website which is called Crypto Nation or Crypto Revolt app. And a lot of people just basically searching what is like Crypto Revolt app. And if you just go to Google, you can just find cryptorewald app you can find here, like investing in crypto before it's too late.

With Crypto reward, join the crypto reward community. Now let us do the hard work for you. So like, cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm in the last three years, and it's about to do it again. You don't want to miss out on the rocket ship a second time. So sign up is Crypto Revolt and start trading.

So why it's like getting some virality because they're saying that they basically have some kind of algorithm which can discover for you and which can predict which crypto will basically skyrocket and which crypto will finally increase in value. So that's basically the idea.

And there are a bunch of websites like that. And they have some kind of critical trading algorithm. Our trading algorithm is what has allowed crypto reward to deliver the kinds of results that it has. Most trading platforms online use a very simple trading system to optimize the trade. It is based on fundamental data, like the elegance that comes with being a trader.

So the algorithm has been homegrown by our development team in house over the course of three years. So very hard. And I just claim to have some kind of algorithm. And the idea seems like very nice so that you can just sign up for the app. There is some kind of advanced algorithm.

And then you just basically select all these coins, which was nothing. And the next day they increase like 10,000%. So it's an amazing deal. Right? You can just put, like, $100 and just make, like, hundreds of thousands and millions.

So then just to test it out, just sign up. So to sign up, I need to leave my first last name email and then select my phone number. And what happens immediately? You get a callback, which is already like a sign of some kind of scam situation. And you can't finish creating your account.

You can only do it with the manager. And then I just got some conversation from the manager, which started to speak Russian, because I'm in Ukraine, and he just started to ask me like, different questions, like, you need to open your account. Now there is some deadline. And of course, you need to deposit some amount. I told like, hey, I want to deposit $100.

He was okay with that. But then I just went to the app, and I have found out that in the app you can minimum deposit, like, $250. And when you just sign up to that, you're directed to some other website where you need to basically where you need just to deposit, just create some trading account. It's like some third party website and where you need to deposit this amount. And this is the minimum amount.

And there is like, you don't even know how to withdraw it. So you just need to pay with your credit or debit card, and then something like that. And then I just have this conversation with the guy. He's like, I'm your manager. We'll provide you with some analytics support or analytics guy or analytics team, which will help you out, like, on your crypto journey and provide all the intelligence and data using our advanced algorithm.

And I was like, do you have offices in Ukraine? Where are you located? And he's like, yeah, we are located in London. We have offices in Moscow and Shanghai. We are like a global company.

We are growing super fast. And we are opening our office in Ukraine, probably just like, next year or something like that. And also he was like, yeah, New Year is coming. So probably right now it's like a good time to start on our platform and just earn some revenue. And then you can have a really good New Year to spend your revenue.

So something like that. I'm not sure exactly what's going on there. So then I just thought, thank you. But he was like, super pushy, and he didn't allow me to drop the phone. He was like, you need to open an account now.

It's like, really tight schedule. Don't postpone it. And all of these tactics, it looks like some kind of alignment manipulation. So then I just looked for other apps like that. And there is another website, which is called Crypto Nation.

And also, I think there are a bunch of other websites which look pretty similar. So the scripture rewards and the script donation and all these websites just look similar to each other. And basically the design is super similar. The text is super similar. The form, the button just a different name.

And when you sign up, you're getting redirected to the trading platform where you need to deposit 250 or $500. So that's basically it that's what happens. So I think they just created tens of these websites, like using some landing pages. And they just run some kind of, like, Google ads or Facebook ads and just pushing a lot of traffic to this kind of website and trying to get people to leave this, like, $500 deposits, which probably you won't be able to get back. So maybe it's just like some massive crypto scam, which is going on right now.

So I'm not sure if you have better ideas about it. Please just comment below this podcast. It's super interesting to know your ideas and your thoughts. Like, what are you thinking about it?

So that's just like a big rant about crypto revolt app and Crypto Nation app. And all of that. It people are looking for that. So just my $0.05 on it.

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