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Crypto STARTER PORTFOLIO - where to start & learn
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How to spend $1000 on crypto? I don't have any experience with crypto at all, so these are just very basic overviews of what other people are sharing on twitter :)


Hey, everyone. So a quick episode overview of some trend in crypto assets. What is there? I will just share some of my thoughts, some of my experience. I'm like a crypto newbie and know a lot of stuff, but I recently got hooked into it and I read some stuff on Twitter and from some other blogs and from coin by step, from Finance, from some other app.

Just trying to understand more about all the swap three and crypto and NXT space trying to get into it and understand how it develops and what's the future about it.

What I have found out what can be a good portfolio. So where do you learn? First of it, like all this stuff about crypto. All of that. For me, the top source is Twitter, just like search for crypto, and that's where you can learn a lot of it.

I would think there is also like Reddit, some Reddit, but I just like Twitter. For me. It's just much easier to go on Twitter and just follow some specific people where you can discover, like some cool Strat and some cool advice. I don't know if it's like super legit, but at least you can have different opinions and all of that. So for example, I was following a guy called Dave Craig at Davecraig partner at TheStudio IO, and he's just posting a lot of crypto stuff there.

So follow him and he tries to decide the information if you're a super newbie and you can also tweet at him and he will answer you a lot of stuff so that can be super useful. So what can be starter like crypto portfolio. So let's say you have $1,000 and you want to spend them. What can be included there. So a lot of people will tell you that probably just starts with Bitcoin.

Probably. That's right. So just Bitcoin Ethereum is interesting because it's kind of as I understand it's blockchain where you can create tabs. So this is like blockchain apps and it enables blockchain development. So this adds a lot of value because Bitcoin is just like it's just one not contract, but one coin.

But Ethereum has the possibility to create many apps buys on it. So it has a lot of value. So it's kind of like a program in landovich or blockchain or something like that. So you can invest there so you can put like $600 in Bitcoin. Let's say you have 1000.

You can put like 200 in Ethereum. Then there are a lot of competitors to Ethereum because Ethereum has some pros and cons. So pros. Of course, that is like the first kind of blockchain where you can build all these apps. But the cons is that it's actually pretty slow as I understood.

And it's expensive. There are all these Ethereum gas fees, and the more the more they are like Ethereum developers, the more expensive it gets. And it's becoming like super expensive. Like to connect your wallet and to meet NFP or to just transfer some amount of money and all of that. So therefore there are a lot of competition to Etherium and there is a lot of opportunity in this crypto asset.

So therefore you can invest also in Salana, which seems to be like a cheaper alternative of Salana. He is much less expensive and Salana seems to be much faster. So there is Solana as I understand. Also, there is avalanche AVAX you can buy that. And then there is like Polygon so you can get off these assets.

So I understand that brings some value because this is not just like some shit coin or something like the token which is created based on the Tweet and which increases the value and then just disappears. So this token has some like probably they have some potential in creating apps based on them and therefore creating more value. So these are the torques you can start with.

Then there are many other options to earn with crypto. So I didn't know that. But you can stay crypto. So it means you can hold crypto and then you earn interest on that. There are a lot of apps where you can do that, like in crypto.

Com. You can just register. And if you hold like $3,500 of crypto dot com coin, you will just earn like 6% yearly interest or something like that.

But the smart move would be just to say orhm which is all input token. So you can just go to search stake Olimpus token. And then basically you can earn interest on that token. So that's actually pretty cool. So you can try that as well.

So yeah, there you have it.

Try that. So to stay Koling token, you can just go to their app and just connect your MetaMask wallet and then you need to pay a lot of Ethereum fees as understood. So you need to buy $200, which is not really that sustainable alternative to that. A lot of people what they do is they just buy WSI. So it means like wrap Olympus token via airline Lynch.

So you can just buy some Avalanche somewhere on finance. And then you can just use that avalanche and then go to Traderjo XYZ website and then stay used by like wrap Olin push there. So some of the people are doing that. And some of the people just also earn a lot of interest. So there are similar like assets which are called time.

And there is an asset called Kleema and all of that where you can just take them and try to earn some interest. So this is kind of a bit more advanced, like wise to earn crypto with crypto. Or of course, there are much more like different schemes or ways. And there are much more advanced interests where you can try to earn revenue, not just by putting money into some coins, which you don't know if they will grow or not so that's just like a quick overview from me.

Like crypto for newbies.

Like, where would you start? What you can do?

That's the idea. It's. If you have any other suggestions, just leave them in my blog.

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