Current Grant Extended in Worldcoin app

In a recent video transcript, news about the WorldCoin app indicated that the current grant has been extended. The extension is attributed to a significant upgrade to the Ethereum blockchain, causing a delay in the grant schedule. The next grant, which was originally set to commence the week of March 12th, has been postponed and is now expected to begin the week of March 25th.

The adjustment has shifted the timeline for both the current and upcoming grants. According to the information provided in the notification, the previous grant has been extended to match the new start date of March 25th, while the subsequent grant is now scheduled to follow soon after on the same day.

Although the exact implications of these changes are not fully clear, users logging into the WorldCoin app can observe the modifications in the grant timeline. It appears that one grant, which should have initiated on March 12th, has been skipped, leading to speculation and confusion among the app's community.

Speculations and discussions are ongoing on platforms like Reddit, where users are debating the potential reasons behind the shift in the grant schedule. Some individuals believe that WorldCoin might be transitioning its operations to the Ethereum blockchain, while others are uncertain about the specifics of the situation.

As the situation continues to unfold, both users and observers are advised to monitor the updates from WorldCoin for further clarity on the matter. Stay tuned for additional developments and announcements regarding the grant extension and any associated changes within the WorldCoin ecosystem.

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