Damus app in TestFlight - quick overview

here's quick preview of damos app it's only available in test flight right now but in case you didn't get the invite or you didn't get it and here's how it looks like so they just up yeah on board at 10 000 users and yeah this is just like one of the Twitter alternatives uh built on Noster open protocol which is new way of basically decentralized backend like in very simple terms so this platform is not owned by anyone it's like super decentralized it's even more decentralized than Mastodon as I understand like I'm not too technical on this but yeah just like for design there here's how it looks like just like Twitter you can't post pictures or anything just uh some posts you can add hashtags but that's basically it you can't mention anyone or add videos then you can see posts and replies you can message DM anyone there are some encrypted DMS then you can just follow people like this then you can copy their uh public key or private key the public key is basically their username private key is just basically a password so basically um this demos app is like a front-end like a client for Noster Noster backend so this app unlike Twitter is not like a private company is more just like an open protocol and of uh also with damos there are some other clients which are also getting some tractions um so yeah and then there are in these settings they are realized what they realize as I understand is the kind of like this Noster servers which anyone can create you can add three lights here uh I haven't ex not exactly idea how that works I haven't tried it a lot yet maybe it's just like Mastodon servers or yeah and then you can just log out here then you have ability to edit your account uh that's it uh so super basic at the moment but it's getting traction and hopefully it will be released to IOS app store or Google Play Store soon

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