Damus app Nostr client what is it & how it works?

hey everyone um so here is demos app it's getting in the top charts in uh social networking it's called The Social Network you control so let's explore what exactly demos is how it works with Noster and what all the stuff is about I I'll try to be like as simple as possible I'm also exploring this space trying to figure out what is Master protocol how damos is different to Twitter and so on uh yeah so basically why this app is running charts because it seems that it can be a real alternative to Twitter on on the technical side it's not just like another Twitter app is different logo but it has completely different kind of backhand structure and it's decentralized um so let's explore what this damn Noster app means so yeah you can just go to like this GitHub page with Master protocol and what is that uh nostril protocol is basically like a backend for damos app and demos app is like a front-end uh client for this master so this is like a damos if you can also go to their GitHub repository it's just like a front-end interface for master protocol which available on iPhone iPad and Mac OS and yeah it's very simple but this Noster protocol technology is very powerful so let's just go to it so nostal protocol is just the simplest open protocol that is able to create a sensorship persistent global social network once and for all it doesn't rely on any trusty Central server hence it's resilient it is based on cryptographic keys so it's Timber proof and it doesn't really rely on P2P techniques therefore it works so you can just go to uh yeah to get to their telegram group and explore it uh so yeah it's just based on the realize so everyone runs the client it can be a native client web client like damos app to publish something you write a post like it tweet sign it with your key and send it to multiple relies servers hosted by someone else or yourself to get updates from other people you ask multiple your license I know anything about these other people anyone can run relay it relies very simple and dumb it does nothing besides exception pause from some people and forwarding to others you relays don't have to be trusted signatures are verified on the client side so uh yeah that's basically I mean it can be pretty complicated if you just try to get like a super super simple understanding of what that is uh but yeah it's kind of like uh I don't know decentralized Network maybe it's something similar to uTorrent you know some service was was used some time ago uh it's basically like a network of decentralized servers I still do not understand completely completely all of the aspects of it but uh yeah um you can see like uh a master client feature comparison so here you can see all of this interest in apps like diamonds Master console more speech astral nosteroid snort Alpha McCorkle so a bunch of apps already which are available on the Noster protocol uh and yeah so that's basically that and damos app is just like a front-end client uh why all of this is being developed because yeah there's a lot of people who are looking for some Twitter alternatives in the current situation like Twitter has ads Twitter uses bizarre techniques to keep you addicted Twitter doesn't show an actual historical feed Peter bans people Shadow bands has a lot of spam like a lot of issues are just because it's just centralized and a lot of decisions are taken just because there is either one person or like board who has taken these decisions and yeah it has a lot of influence then there is Mastodon this is like a more um first it's a step towards decentralization uh and but like the master developers Macedon is also not good because here are some reasons user identities are attached to domain names controlled by third party servers owners can ban you just like Twitter server owners can also block other servers uh migration between servers is an after saw and can only be accomplished if servers cooperate doesn't work in adversary environment there are no clear incentives to run servers and therefore they're just run by enthusiasts uh so then users are subject to despotisms of a single person who is running this server uh yeah it's like a subreddit like a Macedon server someone runs it and you just need to trust that like that group of people or that person who runs that specific Mastodon server is like trustworthy and you just can't commit your time and effort like you know to to being present on that accident server to from one server to another it's technically difficult uh then yeah so the developers of Master said that Mastodon is also not good like Twitter not good mastered are not good uh and a lot of other similar Solutions just basically require everyone to run their own server uh and the difference is that Noster there are two components clients and realize each user runs a client anyone can run a relay everyone user is identified by public key every post is signed every client validates the signature uh clients fetch data from realize observe choice and publish data to other license their choice a relay doesn't talk to another rely only directed users um a post can contain any kind of structured data but the most used ones are going to find their way into the standard so all clients in real life can handle them seamlessly um so and then it's like how does it solve the problems that Twitter and Mastodon can solve users get in band and servers being closed or like and block user from publishing anything there but that has no effect on them as they can still publish to other relay scenes users are identified by publicly keys they don't lose their identities and their follower base when they get banned instead of requiring users to manually type new relay addresses and whenever someone your following process server recommendations the client should automatically add that to the list of realize it will query if someone is using the relay to publish their data but wants to migrate to another one they can publish a server accommodation to the previous relation relay and go if someone gets banned from manually such as they can't get their server recommendation broadcasted so I may still let some close friends know through other means with visualizer publishing now then these close friends can publish server recommendation to that new server and slowly dissolve follower base of the band tutor will begin finding their post again from the new relay uh so yeah so and then standards the persistent each user can publish their updates to any number of relays or they can charge a fee from users to publish their vision insurance persistence uh if sub spam is concerned for a light it can require payment for publication for the network to stay Health since there is no need for hundreds of active relays uh and all of that um so this is very simple why hasn't it done before how do I find people to follow the you just find the public keys you won't be able to communicate with that person if you're not on the same relay but there are hints on the ones that can be used so that your client software knows how to connect to other persons who like and interact with them there are other ideas on how to solve this in the future um so yeah can I know how many people are following me now but you can get an estimate if realize cooperating extra protocol way uh so yeah what incentive for people to run relays um the question is miscellaneous assumed that's relies of Freedom pipe um so yeah I mean this is just like a very basic order I'm just learning myself but it's super interesting just to give you a basic idea like and of course you can go very deep in this uh and find out uh yeah why damus is getting a lot of traction so this is just basically one of the most popular like clients for this back end which is a protocol and Jack Dorsey one like Twitter was acquired by Elon Musk if I mostly told that uh Twitter should be just a protocol if not a protocol the best person to run it is Elon Musk or something like that so that's basically now it's an attempt to create a product called by social media which is Damas and you can already go and up download it from the from App Store and yeah this is how it looks uh it's it's a bit buggy right now probably a lot of people trying to sign in you can just go to your profile you can see a public key you can't see a number of followers though as it was mentioned then you see settings uh you can see your relies so this is where those relays are available and then you can just add the recommended relays like this uh yeah um so that's basically Noster relays and then yeah on the front end is just yeah it just looks like this uh it's like looks like uh like Twitter so yeah uh there you have it uh this this app is pretty uh popular amongst like crypto community and all of that uh so uh yeah hope that this is helpful and just gives you a basic idea what damus and Noster is together

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