DaVinci app - AI avatar art - quick overview

hey there here is an app called DaVinci AI Avatar art so let's just tap tap it and install it there are so many yeah what are Arts right now you have dream by one board Lisa AI lanzai I either want to create your AI Avatar your portrait or you just want to turn turn words to some kind of art either abstract art or some other avatars there are so many use cases for this and and it's only just getting started I guess uh yeah you can turn words into amazing unique artworks in seconds enter from pick an art style and watch DaVinci turn your ident high quality artwork using the power of AI with the power of DaVinci's Innovative technology will create content that's never been seen before based on your own text description it is extremely easy to use DaVinci so yeah that's the app and then you can just tap open to open it up and yeah then the magic will start so it just takes some time to load and then you can just tap continue so here here obviously you can instantly upgrade if you want to try it out so build once lifetime subscription for 29.99 so it's pretty it's pretty good deal it's a lifetime deal if you if you want to generate a lot of you know images or a lot of artwork so you can try that so yeah and then here you can just type in prompt what do you want to paint like and then you can just uh yeah just create this kind of uh artworks and then you can just select different styles portrait futuriums here project hyper detail some of the Styles require Pro subscription and then you can just tap create um so yeah either you need to voice the ads or uh yeah or you need to upgrade them unfortunately to um uh yeah to create these images so that's basically it and then it just creates your image so yeah there you have it and then you can just tap recreate and then you can just select different style and then just tap recreate and then even with the ads you can only generate you can only change images per day so that's uh yeah that's what it is of course you understand like developers also need to make money and this computational cost is pretty expensive so there you have it then it's just generalized the image uh you can also uh try avatars so yeah and how and that that's basically what you can do then also you have feed of of all other people who generated this and then you can just use different prompts which were used to this and then there are AI avatars section where you can actually generate AI avatars as well so you can build like magic avatars animal avatars animal avatars like yeah all of that you can just do uh and then you can just generate and then you need to follow these instructions upload some good photos good selfies of yourself um so that's what you can do and then just you know okay you can just upload some photos um and then yeah just follow the instructions basically um and then yeah you can just type generate 50 avatars but that's not free obviously uh yeah you need to um upgrade again um I'm not sure actually if it's like a separate subscription or not but yeah there you have it so you need to upgrade build once or lifetime uh uh so that's what it is uh these apps can be pretty expensive but if you upgrade for build once it's actually I would really suggest you to do it if you want to generate a lot of AR artwork and avatars it's a pretty good deal because if you're generating avatars in your pen like five six dollars per set that's just like enough uh like you know you're paying six dollars and that's just like five sets of avatars and here you can just upgrade Lifetime and you can get all of that and AI artwork and faster processing and all of that and compared to other apps it's not gonna be cheaper so it's definitely like the price for 1500 AI avatars is around like uh yeah like five six dollars so if you're planning to generate like three four five times and just use this app a lot lifetime is a good deal it's a good price thirty dollars maybe it's just a promotion definitely I would recommend you to try it out and then yeah then there is your profile I didn't create a profile as you can see uh there is no need to do it uh but yeah you can just also sign up and create an account like this but yeah I was able to use all the features even without the creating the account so yeah hope that is helpful

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