Dawn AI app (free account) - how it works? App overview

here's done AI app and a lot of users are asking how exactly it works so in a free account you need to wait one day or 24 hours before doing getting more trainings so yes this app is still free but as in other any free app um like you just sacrifice your time and yeah like you still upload selfies and then you can generate the free AI avatars it's not 50 in my experience you will have six avatars available immediately and then you have 44 blurred out and it will just say reveal me and then you will need to upgrade then in in one day you will have all this 50 AR avatars revealed so you still didn't upgrade you don't need to buy anything but you'll need to wait one day and then if you want to generate another set or use another filter you wait 24 hours and so on so you just had like very little amount of trainings uh alternatively of course you can just upgrade to Pro 9.99 per week and then you have like unlimited amount which yeah which you can use um and then it's like fast and then you can generate as as many as as you want so yeah like Donia app in the beginning like three days ago when they were not in top charts yet uh like in the very top they offered like a free option where you could instantly get like 50 avatars but then as soon as they went up like to the number one spot in the App Store I think they like introduced that you need to upgrade everywhere and like the free option is still available but it's very limited uh you either get like a small amount of avatars or you just need to wait a lot so that's what it is so if you don't want to wait probably just need to upgrade it's still a pretty good deal compared to other AI Avatar apps but who knows like for example in Lanza AI you can get like first pack of avatars for 5.99 here you instantly need to upgrade to 9.99 per week and there it's just like one time payment so it just depends what you want and what you like if you you want to play like with this AI technology Unlimited then try down AI if you want just to get like a first pack try Lanza AI or Boy app um so yeah there are a bunch of options and there will be more and more apps in this category

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