Dawn AI app - not free anymore? App overview

so don't AI app I'm just going here for some of the reviews and some people are complaining that this app is not free anymore so why originally this app went in the top chart of the US app store number one app now now it's like second but still in the top charts because it's generating AI avatars it's like super hype topic right now but it allowed it to do it for free first 50 avatars back you could do it for free uh but it was possible to do like for two days and then the developers of the app basically changed like some options in that after it some users claim it's not free anymore as and as in any other IR app you need to upgrade and pay to generate any images so it's not free actually so I can show you what happened so I tried this app two or three days ago and I can confirm yep it was completely free which is mind-blowing like you could upload your selfies and then you could get 50 AI what are images for free it was a bit buggy you needed to wait like a day it was just airing and loading but yeah after that it just basically spiked to the top chart so probably it was just like a smart marketing move on on their side but now whenever you try to generate this AI avatars you just get this pop-up where you need to pay but the thing is now I just generated all these avatars and I generated them yesterday from like my 10 selfies and out of 50 avatars you still get six for free so you still get at least something completely free you don't need to upgrade anything and it's completely with the app policy so I got like the first six images these ones for free and then if you wait one day on another day you will get all these images additional 50 images revealed but you just need to wait one day like if if you can wait one day then yeah it's still kind of okay app uh yeah but then there are all these additional features additional filters if you want to generate yourself as a human robot for example and then you can just tap generate with me what that happens I think you can generate one pack still without upgrading like four Images but then if you try another one uh you will need to wait one day again so it's just there is a free version but it's just a lot of waiting like there are no ads anything but you need to wait like 24 hours and I can't guarantee that this this is not gonna change in soon because I think the developers of the app just really are experimenting with the app monetization policy so that's what they are doing here yeah so here is the the app and yeah that's basically how it works um yeah so it's not true it's still kind of there is a free element in it but then if you're using it a lot and you want to try all the styles of course it just makes sense to upgrade so then you can just tap here upgrade to Pro and then you can get 50 plus ready to use avatars and create infinite custom versions um so there you have it that's an overview here um yeah um I think it's pretty interesting gross hack from these app developers uh yeah because yeah they were able to offer somehow a free AI generation I don't know how because like what I've read is like computational power is pretty expensive for these images uh it's like crazy expensive and I don't know how they could afford it but then they are now in the top charts in the app store and then they introduce this upgrade option so it's kind of like a growth hack but there you go and yeah it's one of the few apps where you can really actually get this AI avatars at least some of them for free then if you want to get more functionality and become more advanced and just have fun with this app obviously you need to upgrade 999 per week which is still pretty cheap if you if you want to generate I would say like 100 plus images it will make sense because Lanza AI I think they are offering a bit they're offering 50 avatars for 5.99 and then 100 and 200 for like 7.99 or something like that so yeah if you want to generate more than 100 images uh uh Dawn AI makes sense but uh yeah if you also want to generate just first 50 it also makes sense but if you just want to get like a big bag of our 100 avatars might be a dandelanza AI is cheaper but yeah there you have it just all the apps are cool try it out uh so yeah hope that is helpful and thank you for watching

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