Dawn AI app - what you can do in a free version?

so here is down AI app this app is going viral and it's one of the top apps for generating AI avatars it was built by splice team but it instantly offers you to upgrade but it's going viral because there is a free version so what you can do in the free version actually yes you can generate 50 avatars for free that's like completely legitimate in this app yeah you just upload your selfies you create your model like this um by applauding your high quality selfies and then yeah you can just get all these avatars um but but as I understand you only get six avatars instantly like after Circa 15 8 minutes and then as I in my case I needed to wait like another day or 24 hours before I could get other 44 avatars but then eventually yeah you can get them so yeah I can get all these AI avatars and then yeah that's basically how it works um uh but then if you want for example apply this new tag you will need to wait 24 hours or you need to upgrade so that's like the promotional offer from this app but I think that definitely trying this tactic to to attract more users and to help fool the growth of the app but yet one of the few apps where you can actually generate very decent amount of free AI avatars I don't know if this policy is gonna change it might change at any moment might be say you know they can run out of money or something like that because the computational power for this AI water is pretty expensive so I'm not gonna sure not sure it's gonna last like this forever so use the moment if you want to use other features of this app up you need to um uh yeah upgrade

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