Dawn AI avatar app - no watermark in a pro version

so in down AI app I'm just curious so I generated this AI images and then it still has down AI watermark in the top right as you can see I'm just curious because I upgraded to down AI Pro and like so what I've tried right now is that uh uh yeah so and this image is being generated and uh yeah like even if you uh upgraded to paid version the first set of 50 avatars will have will have uh uh oh yeah we'll have this watermark in the top right but then if you tap generate more images if you're on a free version you will need to wait for one day and then if you're on a paid version I think this new images shouldn't have Watermark because uh yeah you're on the paid subscription and then the uh generating instantly almost you need to wait like 30 seconds and that then it will be generated so something around it and then let's just see here so now as you can see there is no it's like pretty interesting there are no like this watermark in the top right like all like because this image is like pretty grumpy because it's like uh yeah like if you use the new face expression the same face expression uh it's uh uh yeah so something around this uh hope this is helpful

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