let's do a quick overview of down AI avatars app transform your selfies with AI as you can see this app right now just skyrocketed to the top charts of the US app store and I was curious why is that because there are like just now so many apps with this AI Avatar Trend so yeah basically here uh you can generate AI avatars um just by uploading your own images great outstanding avatars using the latest AI technology just upload your photos and let down work its magic turning you and your friends into whatever comes to mind and all at the click of the button produce fun and unique images with AI and your imagination uh you can surprise your friends um and you have a lot of styles so I'll just show you how it looks like so basically when you first create basically you don't even need to create an account uh you just open the app uh and then you need to upload your first batch of your own personal photos I think you need like at least eight selfies it's good to you just follow the instructions it's good to upload different emotional Expressions here different angles but it's just also important that your face is clearly visible um yeah just applaud when you're smiling when you're sad like different emotions then you will just have a lot of different combinations I did a bit of a mistake I just applaud one of the emotion and now you have all these like grumpy photos but yes this is your result basically then the app generates completely different AI avatars how it works it's not just like whitens your teeth or it removes background or adds some filter it generates completely new images that's like the power of AI and and yeah we're just getting started with it so here's my example I definitely can say that there are some similarities with Device however yeah it's uh maybe it's too General it's not like Photo and some and some you just are completely off like they don't have any similarity they were like uh too off but yeah in down AI you can then just have your own tag uh and yeah it's super convenient actually with this own tag you can generate more images so you can just tap generate more images uh and then something like this and then just type here but the thing is I was able to generate all of this for free which is really amazing uh like the first set of avatars in the down app I was able to generate for free in in Lanza AI other apps you need to buy right away even for like 50 photos here you can do it for free which is really amazing but then to generate other sets of AI avatars you need to either wait one day or uh you need to get Pro so to the pro is actually not that expensive so it's only 9.99 per week and it has three day free trial so three days freezer than 9.99 per week so that's pretty cool um and then yeah you can just uh do like for example something like this and then you will generate your AI avatars astronaut so that's super interesting and this feature makes this app similar to to like Instagram or like Tick Tock social media and then here you can also see some inspiration me as a soccer player me as a pizza a horror uh clown all these different filters where you can just tap and then tap generate your avatar with this AI filter um yeah so that's basically how it works um yeah like this woman is not is just an example this is this is not uh like your image which will be generated this is just an example yeah then you just have all of this uh like uh nostalgic for us some cool Avatar some pink hair whatever curly hair and then you can just generate all these avatars uh it's not possible to add France or like you know message someone on this app yet but it looks like maybe it would be a good idea actually because it looks like it's kind of similar to some social media rather than just AI image generating app also in this app you can generate AI art so you can generate artwork uh so like for example you can just write something like castle and AI will generate the picture of the castle or like castle in the forest and you will just get that then you have yeah just settings you don't even need to to create your account uh you don't need to do that then you can just upgrade to Pro because you don't need to create your account there is no need to delete it and that's it um yeah because sometimes when you create your account then you can be concerned about your data your privacy all of that so here you just done create an account and it's less hassle however I'm not sure actually uh what happens to your photos like how secure are they because it's like pretty sensitive data to be honest like if you're if you upload your own images um your selfies you don't want them to be exposed or leaked somewhere probably so I have no idea probably you just need to read privacy policy here I still would like to have an option to just delete uh all this Southeast I applauded probably you can just do it by delete this tag uh Delete the model you can just tap delete so probably yeah you can just that's basically meaning how do you delete your account because you delete all this tag which is your AI model based on the Selfies you provided so yeah that's basically the idea again if you want to upgrade to browsers through day free trial then it's 9.99 per week which is more than 40 dollars per month so it's pretty expensive but the computational power for for uh AI images is also like pretty expensive I'm actually not sure how this app is able to generate the first batch for free and then I have this app is able to just provide you free trial as well because what I read like alanza AI is already super expensive and in many other apps you need to pay like forty dollars to get like 50 AI images because otherwise like the business model just doesn't work at this moment it's like super expensive to use uh all this like computation with AI modeling but so I don't know what how it works exactly that they make made it a bit cheaper but hey it works this app is in top charts in the US app store right now uh so yeah super interesting app uh yeah and of course it doesn't provide a realistic super like Photo like images but it is what it is super nice you can use these images on like you know social media and Twitter Discord chats gaming maybe it's not there where you can use these images like on LinkedIn or in uh yeah in some like official cover letters or resumes I don't know obviously not in the passport but just to show off with friends it's pretty nice idea hope that is helpful I hope that this overview was useful for you and thank you for watching please like And subscribe you can also check out my Tick Tock and my personal blog where I describe different apps mrhack.io

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