DAWN AI AVATARS - quick overview & how to generate AI avatars

here's a viral app called down AI avatars and in this video I will show you just a super quick tutorial how to use it this app is skyrocketed into the top charts of Graphics and Design and also overall the apps category I think it's even like overcame Lancer AI app why because there is an option to create free AI avatars here I actually have no idea how the developers approached this because the computation power is like super expensive for these AI models but yeah like uh you can just create a 350 AI avatars by uploading your selfies and images to this app so here is how it looks like uh yeah I already created my AI model so basically you just present it with the screen and then you need to upload 8 to 15 selfies of yourself and you need to upload selfies like um with a close face looking uh good lightning ideally many emotions many different face expressions that's the mistake I did here I just had like probably one emotion and not that great selfies that's why the results are very similar but anyhow and then don't wear glasses don't include other group photos just like you know A10 different selfies different backgrounds different emotions and this way you can train the model the best way and you can get the best result then you will have this screen which says AI training ongoing so for some people there is a bug there and even for me like it took like one day or something there was like error and I couldn't access the app like it wasn't being generated but then eventually it did work and what you get here then you get 50 AI avatars like this just from my photos as you can see this is a completely new images this is not just like your photos I've been like uh like you know applied some filters these are completely new images which you can see here so yeah that's basically the idea that's how it works and you just have it there like that the one thing with this is that in the free version you will have down AI logo in the top right so you'll have this Watermark unfortunately and you can't remove it unless you upgrade but the cool part you can just tap and save and then you'll be able to save uh like your AI Avatar to your photos and then if you just go to your camera roll you will be able to see that uh like this so this is like your AI Avatar so yeah it's pretty cool but then eventually I just decided to upgrade to pro version why do you need that first is like faster processing time uh removing watermark in the future images and then if you want to apply all these additional filters you have them here there's like so many like in the free version you need to wait for one day to apply one filter so for example in the third version if I want to like use this filter me from 80s I can do it but then to use another filter I need to write one day in the Pro subscription I can just try to do it right away animated amount of time and this is actually pretty cool thing about this app is that just I paid what like 6.99 per uh per week or something like that and then you I have literally unlimited attempts where I can just generate uh these all images which is like pretty cheap in other AI Avatar apps you need to buy like five to six dollars for each pack of AI Avatar so every time you generate any avatars you need to pay here you just have unlimited but you have a subscription and then you just see I just generated another avatar from my AI model um this is how it looks like of course there are so many bugs still in this AI images some of them are still not perfect but there is no watermark here because I'm on a pro version I can all tap retouch and get variations from this exact image if I like this vibe uh uh and then I can see the prompt as well in the uh in the top part so that's also pretty cool so as you can see these are prompts these are like specific texts uh which which help the AI model to generate uh better images so something like this uh yeah what else like of course in the there is like also a IR tab here where you can generate all these images similar to wonder app or Dream by Wombo app but yeah nobody is probably using this app anymore it's just it's everyone just want to generate AI avatars that's why down app is popular and then you just have settings you don't even have an account or anything you don't need it but you still have your tag and if you want to delete your own tag or your images you just tap delete this tag I mean basically you delete the model and then you will not be able to recover it so something like that so in a nutshell that's the app definitely one of the top apps right now in the AI Avatar image generating uh but who knows maybe in a week there will be another one there are so many of these apps these days but definitely give it a try

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