DayCount app - how to use? Full overview

The DayCount app is gaining popularity among users looking for a reliable event tracking tool. With features like Countdown, Days, Until or Since, it stands out in a crowded app market dedicated to keeping track of important dates and milestones. Below is a comprehensive overview of the app and how to make the most of its functionalities.

Overview of DayCount App Features:

  1. Comprehensive Countdown: The app allows users to track the time remaining until their events in years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds.
  2. Track Events: Keep tabs on the duration of events in years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds.
  3. Productivity Streaks: Aim for your longest streak of productive days to achieve goals and build positive habits.
  4. Backup and Sync: Safeguard your events and streaks by syncing them across multiple Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac.

Usage Guide:

Upon downloading the DayCount app, users are prompted to create an account swiftly using their Apple ID. This account setup enables users to access the full range of features offered by the app.

Once the account is created, users can start adding events by providing a title, selecting the date and time, choosing a theme, and even accessing images from the photo library.

Users have the option to customize their experience, including adjusting font sizes, enabling dark mode, selecting icons, setting up Face ID, configuring time zones, receiving daily alerts, and choosing preferred units of measurement.

The app also offers widgets for easy access to event information directly from the home screen. By creating a widget, users can quickly glance at the countdown time without having to open the app.

Widget Installation:

To add a widget, users can double-tap to save and create the widget. To set up the widget on the home screen, tap and hold, then tap the plus sign to add the widget. However, some users may encounter common bugs related to widgets. If faced with such issues, consider restarting the app or device for a smooth experience.

Unfortunately, DayCount does not currently support lock screen widgets. Despite this limitation, users appreciate the app's sleek design and the option to track streaks, although some advanced features may require a paid upgrade.


In conclusion, the DayCount app offers a user-friendly interface, robust features for event tracking, and customization options to suit individual preferences. While some functionalities may require upgrading to a premium version, the core features make it a valuable tool for boosting productivity and staying organized. Give the DayCount app a try to streamline your event planning and tracking processes.

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